Thursday, April 24, 2014


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8:00 am Mass; rosary after
8:00 am Mass; Perpetual Help devotions after
8:00 am Mass; Rosary at noon
Confessions at 7:30 pm
8:00 am Mass; Respect Life
devotions after
8:00 am Mass; Divine Mercy
chaplet at 11:30 am; benediction after
8:00 am Mass; confessions after
Holy Days
8:00 am Mass; Vigil Mass is at 7:00 pm


Visit this site first! Click on image above for a Catholic welcome and introduction. 

How to Become Catholic at IHM

For those interested in learning more about (and potentially joining) the Catholic Church, classes start in mid-September, click here for more details.

This week's events 

Wednesday, April 23: Clean Up the Garden Day at IHM; Reconciliation at 7:30 pm

Thursday, April 24: choir practice is cancelled for the evening

Saturday, April 26: Keep On Truckin' With Charlie Trivia Night; call the parish office for details (636-398-5270)

Sunday, April 27: First Communion Mass at 2:00 pm; Capital Campaign Prayer Vigil at 4:00 pm

Monday, April 28: Baptism class at 7:00 pm in Weber Hall

Tuesday, April 29: Creative Giving Seminar, 7:00 pm in Weber Hall



Faith is like the building of a Church--
a work in progress. Click below to see a
"history" of the IHM parish and Church building 
in high speed. 


Seven Reasons to Be Catholic:
Listen online by clicking image above,
or give us a call and we'll send you a free copy.

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IHM Parish Links

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Click image for information about use of / rental of the IHM Parish Center "Grand Hall"

IHM Parish Present, Ongoing and Upcoming Events & Opportunities (Note): For Various Group Pages See Tabs Above

Stewardship of Participation:  Various Faith Group Opportunities at IHM (Call 398-5270 for details)

Eucharistic Adoration:  Be a part of  IHM's 24-hour 5 days a week prayer group (Be a sub or a "regular"-Call 398-5270)  
Be part of a group which explores the Catholic Catechism 

Join us on Wednesdays at 10 am in the Grand Hall for the fabulous series Catholicism     Click here for link to other video studies in the parish library to be used at any time.     Be part of a group to study the changes that will be taking place in the prayers of the Mass (the Roman Missal)
Liturgy of the Word for Adults Be part of a morning group to read and discuss the Sunday Readings   

Be part of a Bible Study Group "Six Weeks With the Bible."  

    Be a part of a "book clup" group that discusses some of the best books on prayer. See a recommended list here.
  Liturgy of the Word for Children takes place at the 9:30 am Mass (September -May)        Full Rosary (20 mysteries) prayed together each Wednesday at noon in St. Joseph Chapel.  For other times, click here.  Anyone is welcome at anytime.      

Favorite Links

Click below for links to top Catholic websites, the St. Louis Archdiocesan and Vatican websites, Catholic blogs, Biblical info, parenting helps and much more.

Science Tests Faith Information

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