The IHM Parish School of Religion

Please contact Shawn Mueller in the parish office (636-398-5270) for information.

PSR Registration Fall 2020

The Holy Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation have been received. Summer break is now  open us. There was a question about the Fall of 2020 and Registration. Typically we send out notes regarding registration sometime in July.  Keep an eye out in the bulletin or for an email. Our start date is the first Wednesday after Labor day in September. This year that will be on September 9th. Please consider having your son or daughter stay plugged in to some resource of intellect-faith formation.  In these days of massive confusion, skepticism, sifting through ideas of so-called ‘smart’ people who share completely different views, it can be hard to discern what is the truth or what is right or wrong. The end result is often indifference or relativism. One tool of light is the free gift subscription to FORMED at  Consider taking another look at their expanding base of great Catholic, faithful, intellectual talks and programs. 


A registration form has been included (or attached). While the preferred way to receive the form is digitally (making it easier for future registrations), a hard copy is fine as well. (Note, we aren’t yet equipped to take payments online so there will have to be some hard copy transfer / mailing either way).

Please be sure to note the section regarding the main email address as one’s email address will be the key means of communication of information, both for the online portion of the program as well as to communicate effectively with the DRE, catechists and parents.

Please send these forms in, along with payment to the parish office between now and August 22. You can also drop them in the collection basket at Mass (just be sure they are marked in a separate envelope).

The registration fees for the 2018-2019 year are as follows:

  • 1 child - $110
  • 2 children - $210
  • 3 or more - $290
  • Sacramental - Extra Fee of $25 only for Grades 2 and 8
  • Homeschool Only - $45 / student* (see note below on HSR)

Note: There will be a late fee of $10 assessed if registration is received after August 22

*Note on Homeschool--- (what we’ve abbreviated as HSR instead of PSR). Our program in general is run with a certain “homeschool mentality” ---- as all faith instruction at the parish level and beyond is intended to help support parents in the home. This is basic Catholic magisterial teaching. We encourage all parents to take this call as primary educators with a God-fearing, intentionally focused and creative attitude. As has been said many times, our help at the parish serves as a vitamin supplement to the meal that parents strive to provide at home. To participate in our program by way of “homeschool only” is an option that the pastor supports for all grades 1-7. This homeschool option is with the understanding that parents would collaborate and keep ties with the parish school program to make sure that instruction is being received in a timely and fitting way. During the sacramental “Confirmation” year of 8th grade, the pastor asks that all candidates for Confirmation attend the parish school of religion program. This is a special year of preparation and it is fitting for students to be prepared for the Sacrament through the special program study we offer here at the parish. If there are any questions regarding this, (or anything else) please contact us.

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