Our Old and Tired Grand Piano

Posted on May 28, 2021 in: General News

Our Old and Tired Grand Piano

Dear IHM Parish Family,

Our piano in church is currently in need of extensive repairs. In my two years at IHM, Verdi and I have both noticed increasingly compromised function and sound: the piano no longer holds a tune very well, keys are sunken/stick, bass notes are weak, etc.

I consulted both our regular piano technician and connections I have at Steinway & Sons. Following their assessment, Steinway has discerned they are not willing to repair our piano, and recommended the purchase of a new or rebuilt piano. At 111 years old, rebuilding is not cost effective. Both Steinway and our regular piano technician have now submitted proposals for the purchase of a different piano, and I have had the privilege of presenting all of the details to our finance committee. Options presented range from $35k-$80k. Their initial reaction seemed quite positive, and in agreement that the purchase of a new or rebuilt piano makes more sense than an extensive rebuild of our current piano.

The committee is now in the process of discerning an exact fundraising goal and investigating specific pianos. But we also need your help: we would like to gauge the parish’s enthusiasm about this project and willingness to give. If you are interested in this project, have questions, or would like to contribute to the piano fund, please contact Laura or myself in the office.

In Christ, Bryan

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