March for Life

Posted on November 14, 2022 in: General News

March for Life

MISSOURI LIFE CARAVAN is now accepting registrations for our bus trip to the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Thursday—Saturday, January 19—21, 2023. In 2023, we will travel to D.C. to give thanks that the Supreme Court, in the Dobbs decision, has overturned the abhorrent Roe v. Wade ruling. However, we must continue in our goal to make abortion unthinkable. We will meet with our representatives and tell them that taxpayers should not have to pay for abortion, and to peacefully March to change hearts and minds. This trip is open to anyone ages 7 and up (chaperones not provided). We depart from several locations in the St. Louis area. We do not stay in hotels as we sleep on the buses. Seats are limited. Cost is $270. For more information, to register or to sponsor a rider go to Contact us at 314-434-4900 or

“. . . the Supreme Court in Dobbs cleared the way for a paradigm shift in American law, allowing it to enlarge its boundaries to again welcome a segment of the human family that had been outside of its protections for close to half a century. Dobbs, then, is a victory for justice, the rule of law, and self-governance. But for those of us who have prayed for this moment to arrive, it is the time for a renewal and rededication of our efforts to build a culture of life and a civilization of love.”
                                                         Archbishop William E. Lori, Chair of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities                                                                                                                “Building a Culture of Life in a Post-Roe World”

We pray for the sick, suffering, and those near death: May they receive adequate care which embraces their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs as they journey toward eternal life.