Dear parishioners,

Next month I will celebrate my 25th anniversary to Ordination. The actual date was January 16th but the weather is usually so poor in January that I waited until the summer to mark the occasion. I have been blessed in all of my assignments as a priest, and I am thankful to God for all the people I have encountered in my own pilgrimage of faith.

Please consider joining me for Mass on August the 12th at 3:00pm. This will be a Sunday Mass with a little more focus on the celebration of my ordination. I am not certain who will be attending the Mass, but I will be inviting parishioners from my past assignments, our local community and my own family as well as any of you who would like to attend.

Please sign up in the narthex if you plan on attending Mass and the reception in the Grand Hall and on our back parking lot. This is not a gourmet affair, roasted hog, bar-b-que chicken and other “picnic” food will be our fair along with water, soda and adult libations.

I would ask that you not consider any gifts for the celebration. All of you make your appreciation known to me. I am so blessed to be serving IHM at this stage in my life and I thank God each day for your presence in my life and ministry. Please make a donation to our food pantry, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Missionaries of Charity, Little Sisters of the Poor or a Veteran’s Charity. I am thankful that you have been part of my life and need nothing other than your attendance.

Please respond by August 1st.

Fr. Tom

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