Social Distancing for the Celebration of Mass

Posted on May 15, 2020 in: General News

Social Distancing for the Celebration of Mass

Parishioner Guidelines for Observing Social Distancing for the Celebration of Mass

 4pm Vigil Mass, 7:30am, 9:30am Sunday Mass.

Daily Mass at 8am and Sunday Mass at 9:30am will continue to be live streamed.

Daily Mass will be held at 8am in the main church.

All Catholics will continue to have dispensation from their obligation to attend Mass until further notice.

If you are symptomatic or have been exposed to another with the virus within two weeks, you are not permitted to enter the church.

Please check your temperature before coming to Mass.

If you are at risk because of an underlying health condition or advanced age, you are strongly encouraged to continue to stay home and take advantage of our live stream or a televised Mass: KPLR Channel 11 at 8:30am Cathedral Basilica Sunday Mass on TV.

In compliance with the guidelines issued by Archbishop Carlson, no more than 200 people will be allowed in the sanctuary by our ushers. There are no exceptions.

Please do not touch any doors when entering or leaving church. Hand sanitizer will be available at all entrances.

Family units, liturgical ministers, and clergy should always maintain social distancing**. Pews and aisles will be marked. Adult Choir and Children’s Choir are still suspended until further notice.

Parishioners are obliged to wear a mask upon entering church. Masks may be removed when you are seated in the pew and for the brief moment of receiving Holy Communion. Children under two should not wear masks per CDC guidelines.

The cry room will be unavailable until further notice. Please use the Narthex if you need to step out with a child. There should be no congregation in the Narthex for any other reason.

All Holy Water receptacles will remain empty until further notice.

Hymnals have been removed from the pews. The day's worship music will be displayed on the projector screen in church.  Worship aids with readings will be available online only.

There will be no offertory procession. Stationary baskets for offertory will be available at the doors. Online or mail-in giving is encouraged.

There will be no sign of peace.

Distribution of Holy Communion from the chalice is prohibited to the assembly until further notice. Communicants are to receive the host in the hand.

Communion lines should be single file, socially distanced, and one way. Ushers will help to direct this.

Social gatherings will be permitted, but social distancing and face masks will still be required.

*Social Distancing means, to the extent possible, maintaining at least six-foot distancing from other individuals; washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol; covering coughs and sneezes with something other than hands; and not shaking hands.

The Center for Disease Control offers these general guidelines for us to keep ourselves and each other healthy:

  • If you feel sick, you should stay home.
  • Continue to practice good hygiene, including:
    • Washing hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitizer.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • Sneezing or coughing into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.
  • Avoid socializing in groups that do not allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Minimize travel to the extent possible.

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