Proposal for Upgrade of Cameras Projector in the Church

Posted on June 18, 2020 in: General News, Pastor's Thoughts

Proposal for Upgrade of Cameras Projector in the Church

We are interested in upgrading the cameras that are mounted in church AND install a ceiling mount projector.

We have been blessed with the use of Stan Kostecki’s HD camera since the first week we started livestreaming.  We have decided to upgrade our in-house system to HD cameras and new controls, computer, and monitors so we can continue to live stream our Sunday Masses, and the weekday Masses as long as the social distancing continues.

The ceiling mounted projector will allow us to control it from the same system as the cameras, and incorporate projecting the worship aids onto the screen as well as on the streamed video, at least while the hymnals are not in the church pews.  Then beyond that we can produce better quality videos of weddings and other special occasions.

The cost for all the materials needed for these upgrades comes to about $13,000.  We hope to do the installation with volunteer labor.

I am certainly many of us have benefitted from our ability to livestream our Masses during the Covid-19 shutdown.  We are asking for donations from our parishioners in order to make this project happen sooner than later for us.

Please consider donating toward this effort. 

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