Posted on December 04, 2020 in: General News


COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the economy in Bethlehem and has destroyed the tourisms sector across the Holy Land. The Christian communities in the Holy Land, also exposed to the risk of the virus and living in the environment already full of serious sufferings, need your help.

It is predicted that tourism will not recover before Easter 2022. Bethlehem has had little or no economy since March 2020. We need to help support the Christian Families and workshops who solely rely on tourism in the Holy Land to remain intact, since their main source of income has completely vanished.

We might be able to help! Along with a vast assortment of carved olive wood nativities, figures and rosaries, also offer jewelry in gold, silver and mother of pearl, ceramic plates, bowls and vases, Dead Sea soaps, scrubs, lotions and hair products, and much more. Please visit their website and take a virtual tour of the many products they offer. Monthly payments are available. Thank you, and barak allah fik (“God bless you” in Arabic.)