Youth Ministry

Posted on March 09, 2021 in: General News

Youth Ministry


My name Paige Greiwe and I am a member of the Youth group here at IHM.

I am here to share with you, and the teens of our Parish, some of the fun upcoming fun activities that we have. Yes I said fun twice!

We have a good faith sharing group and enjoy our times together here on Monday evenings in Weber hall from 630 to 8pm.

Sat March 27th we have a Teen pizza and game night with lots of cool prizes at 6pm. On April 3rd we are putting together a float for the New Melle parade it is at 12 noon. April 10th and 11th is the Luke 18 retreat that we organize for the 8th grade Confirmation class. 

It is always good to meet and hang out with the upcoming new Youth group members. It is the kind of weekend where we learn from them and they learn from us.

Lastly is our summer trip to Springfield for the Steubenville conference in July 16 and 17th. There is lots to do and see on this exciting weekend away but early registration is required as it sells out fast.

So there you have it and if you or if you know of a teen who needs a better relationship with God , likes to hang out with other teens please come join us as we have an awesome group right here. 

Please check the online church bulletin for details.

Thank you and God Bless

  • March 15: Youth Group, 6:30-8pm, Weber Hall
  • March 22: Our faith and the media. Come with your favorite Christian song or YouTube video.
  • March 29: Youth Group, 6:30-8pm, Weber Hall
  • April 4: Easter Sunday
  • April 5: Youth Group, 6:30-8pm, Weber Hall
  • April 9: Set up Luke 18 April 10/11: Luke 18
  • April 19: Youth Group, 6:30-8pm, Weber Hall