Listening Devices

Posted on October 27, 2021 in: General News

Listening Devices

There are three methods by which one can make use of the system:

  1. The traditional body pack receiver with headphones are available on the shelf to the right just before you enter the sanctuary. There are 4 units there along with the chargers, so if you return the unit to the charger they will be ready for the next person. Side note: We will be providing alcohol wipes at that station for cleaning before and after use if desired.
  2. This system also has the capability to connect to T-Coil equipped Hearing Aids. We currently have two of the neckloops that convert the body pack receiver to enable linking to your own hearing aids.
  3. The third option is not ready yet, but the system will connect through an App on your cellular device and you will use your own earbuds to listen in. The app is available through your app store. We will post more detailed information in the bulletin when we have it ready.

We will have 4 body packs and 2 of the neckloops for each Mass. You would also have the option to order your own devices if you desire. Estimated cost for the bodypack is $100 each and the neckloop for hearing aids runs $50 each.

We expect to have the WIFI connection for the Cellular devices soon