Dear Parishioners...

Posted on May 17, 2022 in: General News

Dear Parishioners...

Our Masses are so beautifully enhanced by your participation in the prayers and singing, and we’d like to make participation simpler and even more accessible for you. The JumboTronTM was used to great success during COVID to supplement our worship when we were not able to have hymnals in pews. Things like the creed really “boomed” when folks didn’t have to try to find it in the hymnal - which was great!

We appreciate the viewpoint which sees the potential for distraction or the feeling of a “mega-church” if the 
JumboTronTM is not used tastefully. This is why the slides have been formatted simply with plain white text on black background. Since the restriction on hymnals in pews was lifted, the use of the JumboTronTM has been scaled back to a static slide with hymn numbers for the Mass. While this has been simpler logistically (requires no advancing of slides), it seems the JumboTronTM could be used to even greater effect aiding participation at Mass.

As we continue to ponder which parts of the Mass would benefit from more use of the JumboTronTM, we are again looking to build up a ministry of volunteers willing to advance slides for Mass. We are looking for folks of any age, with no special skills needed! If you are interested in joining a rotation of ministers, please contact Peggy in the office at 636-398-5270 or

Thank you for your consideration!
Bryan, Shawn, and Fr. Tom