Dear Parishioners,

As you read this we are either preparing for or well under way into our Spring Sausage Dinner! We hope for good weather, generous patrons and hard working volunteers! 

Events like our Sausage Dinners are a lot of work and can be tiring, but it is the best kind of tired that we can experience. We give ourselves in service to our community, working alongside people who share our faith and love of the Lord. As His disciples we tire ourselves out in service to Him and our neighbors. I can’t think of a better way to feel exhausted and yet content at the same time. My thanks to all the members of our Dinner Committee and all of our volunteers who help make our dinners so successful. May God continue to bless all that we do at IHM. To all our volunteers who have been at it for years, I appreciate your steadfast dedication to the parish. To all of our new volunteers, I appreciate your willingness to join in the life of our community. To all those who are no longer able to work, but love IHM, I appreciate your prayers and support. 

Possible Summer Schedule

I am giving serious thought to eliminating the 11:15 Mass during the summer. The summer schedule would run between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During those summer months the rest of the schedule would remain the same, but there would be no 11:15 Mass. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the potential change, please feel free to talk, call or e-mail me.

There are a few factors contributing to my consideration. Every year we measure attendance and we usually have between 700 and 750 attend Mass on the weekend. Our church could accommodate that in one Mass on Sunday, and we have three. Of the three Sunday Masses, our 11:15 attendance has the most fluctuation. I know some of you are at that Mass every Sunday and I appreciate your constant presence and participation at Mass. Finally, on a personal note I find that celebrating four weekend Masses is becoming more taxing.

When/if we have a change to the Summer Schedule, we will be adding two additional Eucharistic Ministers to the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday. Even if we don’t change the schedule I think we will still need to add those additional ministers to help with communion. During May we will do some retraining for ministers at that Mass so that everyone is comfortable with placement and movement during the Mass.

Fr. Tom

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