Dear Parishioners,

I sit at my desk thinking of the events of last weekend. I am so very thankful for all of our volunteers who make our dinner so successful. I was delighted to see a great mix of long term and new parishioners and young and older parishioners. In particular I was happy to see a number of our parents with the children working at our dinner. I can think of no better example of service than when we are able to serve one another as a family of faith. So many people work behind the scenes to make our dinner possible. I thank God for the witness of faith, service and community that all of you provide.

As we were preparing for our dinner, there was concern about a possible lack of volunteers. The sign-up list had many gaps and there was real concern about a lack of volunteers hindering the effectiveness of our dinner. As it was, it seems that everything went well and hopefully no one felt overwhelmed. Our follow-up meeting on the 17th of May will address any possible concerns that might have occurred in preparing for and hosting our dinner. Without sufficient volunteers, the dinner does not go well. Again to all of our volunteers, you have my thanks and sincere gratitude.

As we look to future dinners, I would like to ask those of you who did not volunteer: what could be done to help make volunteering easier? There are numerous factors that can contribute to one’s decision to volunteer or not to volunteer. My hope is to help all of us make good decisions about the use of our time and talent as disciples. I am hoping that as we plan for the next dinner I can do a better job communicating to you what various jobs entail and what kind of time commitment we are looking for during the week of preparation or day of the dinner.

While the dinners are the largest activities in the parish, they are not the only ones. So perhaps you already volunteer in another capacity. If you do, please know of my gratitude and appreciation.

Possible Summer Schedule Reminder I am giving serious thought to eliminating the 11:15 Mass during the summer. The summer schedule would run between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During those summer months the rest of the schedule would remain the same, but there would be no 11:15 Mass. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the potential change, please feel free to talk, call or e-mail me.

Blessed Easter,
Fr. Tom

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