When people think of the miracle of Fatima, they might only think of the wonder of the appearance of Our Lady to the three children of Fatima or the miracle “dance” of the sun that took place to confirm the word of the children. Throughout Fatima’s history, however, there have been a multiplicity of phenomena, cures and healings. 

The following testimony is a summary account recorded in the book, “Vision of Fatima.” For full story, see book. It can also be found online as well. 

Maria Jose da Silva, a young woman age 21, was instantly cured of a grave abdominal infection on May 13, 1946. Five years earlier, at the age of 16, Maria had undergone an appendectomy on April 22, 1942 in Lisbon, Portugal. She had been ill for the following five years and for two years she had not been able to walk properly. Her case was a desperate one of T.B. and she altogether had had six operations. She was a devout Catholic, having received the last sacraments many times during her long illness. For a month before her cure she had received Holy Communion daily. In going to Fatima, she had asked God for a cure, but had made the alternate petition that, if she was not worthy of a cure, she be allowed to suffer more for her sins, then be taken. Upon her arrival at the hospital at Fatima in May of 1946, the doctors noted that she had two great sores, one in her abdominal wall, the other in her left arm, occasioned by an injection. In the infirmary of the hospital, her wounds had been scraped and cleaned and new dressings placed on them. There was a copious flow of pus, the odor from the sores was something appalling. Despite her weakness, she pleaded to see the procession of our Lady’s statue. With help from her nurse she painfully walked, stumbling, to the window. The statue stopped in the procession for a moment in front of the window where they was standing, “Ask our Lady to cure you,” the nurse said. Maria replied, “Faith does not fail me,” then leaned her head on her nurse’s shoulder and with help from another nurse went back to bed. The exertion of going to the window had a telling effect on her condition.

The trip of a few hundred yards to the place of the sick at the base of the basilica steps further weakened her heart. It was quite obvious from her appearance that she was desperately ill and showed such signs of suffering that it was half-decided to take her back to the Hospital, lest she would die there and then. To anybody, she looked more dead than alive. Her condition grew worse during the Mass. At one point her respiration was too weak, her face began to swell, the only sign of life that could be detected was her constant gasping for breath, and looked as if she might die at any moment.

Then came the solemn moment of the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament for the sick. As the cardinal legate arrived with the monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament for the individual blessing of the sick, coming in front of Maria she suddenly leaped up, unassisted, and said “I am cured! Nothing hurts me!” All pain had completely gone and her left arm, which had been paralyzed, was now perfectly normal. The nurse tried to help her but she got up without any help, staring at the Blessed Sacrament and saying, “I am cured, I am cured!” She could hardly be restrained in her joy. 

Once back at the hospital she jumped up and walked around the consulting room. She, who had not been able to walk for over five years or use her left arm, was now waving her arms about and showing how she had recuperated her movements! The bandages were removed - the infection had disappeared. The sores were found to be healed the very next morning when the dressings were removed by the physician. There was the complete disappearance of the pus, the wounds were dried up. The bandages were perfectly clean and dry. There was no longer any odor. 

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